Saelyyia -- Hi Faeries. I just wanted to let you know that we are aware of the photobucket glitches. Please be advised to check your photobucket account settings to ensure you may share photos throught the hostin option.
NamelessBaroness -- Hello, LostFaery.
Saelyyia -- Welcome LostFaery
LostFaery -- New to this place searching for faery family
Saelyyia -- Happy Spring Equinox folks
Ashe -- Glad to have you
Fairy Godfather -- Hello All. Thrilled to be here.
Saelyyia -- I agree. It is very sweet theme.
SarahFae -- Woah, this has to be my new favorite!
Ashe -- Proud to announce our new forum skin, Faerie Glen! Scroll to the bottom of the page to check it out
Pixiegirl -- OMG the little fairy thing or is so freaking cute!
Pixiegirl -- Hi Sarahfae! Welcome back
SarahFae -- Hey everyone, I'm back! Sweet to see the site again
Saelyyia -- A Merry Winter Soltice dear friends!
Saelyyia -- Happy Holidays Everyfae!
Saelyyia -- Let us all wish our wonderful Admin, Setorin a very Happy Birthday!
theAfanc -- I am buying digi legs for my Satyr sona <3
Ashe -- Everyone please wish our amazing moderator Saelyyia a happy birthday! Thank you for bringing so much magic to our site
Saelyyia -- Happy Autumn Equinox faeries!
Ashe -- Happy first day of autumn, everyone! May the season be full of cheer and magic
Ashe -- How fun! FaerieWorlds is definitely on my list Did you take many pictures?
Saelyyia -- I would love to hear all about it Dan, I wish I could of gone!
Merfae Dan -- Holy Chrome!! FaerieWorlds was awesome!!
Saelyyia -- Happy Fairy Friday dearies. Hope everyone is doing well.
Saelyyia -- I know for many of you faeries out there school is starting back up so, here is to wishing you a magical start to the new semester.