NamelessBaroness -- Hello, LostFaery.
Saelyyia -- Welcome LostFaery
LostFaery -- New to this place searching for faery family
Saelyyia -- Happy Spring Equinox folks
Ashe -- Glad to have you
Fairy Godfather -- Hello All. Thrilled to be here.
Saelyyia -- I agree. It is very sweet theme.
SarahFae -- Woah, this has to be my new favorite!
Ashe -- Proud to announce our new forum skin, Faerie Glen! Scroll to the bottom of the page to check it out
Pixiegirl -- OMG the little fairy thing or is so freaking cute!
Pixiegirl -- Hi Sarahfae! Welcome back
SarahFae -- Hey everyone, I'm back! Sweet to see the site again
Saelyyia -- A Merry Winter Soltice dear friends!
Saelyyia -- Happy Holidays Everyfae!
Saelyyia -- Let us all wish our wonderful Admin, Setorin a very Happy Birthday!
theAfanc -- I am buying digi legs for my Satyr sona <3
Ashe -- Everyone please wish our amazing moderator Saelyyia a happy birthday! Thank you for bringing so much magic to our site
Saelyyia -- Happy Autumn Equinox faeries!
Ashe -- Happy first day of autumn, everyone! May the season be full of cheer and magic
Ashe -- How fun! FaerieWorlds is definitely on my list Did you take many pictures?
Saelyyia -- I would love to hear all about it Dan, I wish I could of gone!
Merfae Dan -- Holy Chrome!! FaerieWorlds was awesome!!
Saelyyia -- Happy Fairy Friday dearies. Hope everyone is doing well.
Saelyyia -- I know for many of you faeries out there school is starting back up so, here is to wishing you a magical start to the new semester.
theAfanc -- OMG FOXIE <3