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 The Green Man Store In North Hollywood, A lovely storefront apothecary and more.
 Posted: 11th April 2016, 11:15 AM
Nursery Rhyme
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Feel the energy and light in this space. Peruse the apothecary, full of clean and fresh herbs and excellent quality oils. Enjoy the rich selection of ritual items, gems, statues, jewelry, art, and one-of-a-kind treasures made especially for you by crafters and artists local and worldwide. Rejuvenate and heal with energy cleansings and Reiki treatments. Join in the variety of workshops, classes, rituals and other community activities.

Staff members are seasoned practitioners with extensive knowledge and experience in magical lore and use of oils, herbs and candles. Our vision is of an evolving spirit of community and we hope you will actively participate in its growth. We want to bring a sacred space and needed items to our community. We know well that some things must be found in person; as you meander through our space, you are drawn to a beautiful painting, lovely wand, gourd rattle, or pretty stone. This is a space for you to touch, feel, and experience the magical and beautiful items by many crafters.

Readings, magically dressed and charged candles, custom-blended oils and incenses, herbs, metaphysical energy cleansing, Reiki, and other services and information are accessible from several practitioners who have walked between the worlds for many years. Services are presented with a balance of wisdom and ethics, addressing the needs of those newly questing and those who have long journeyed the path.

If you are in our neighborhood, we hope you will stop by. If you are far, we hope you will plan a journey and share in the experience. We are easily found just north of the 101/134 freeways, and just north of the North Hollywood Red Line and Orange Line stations.

The Green Man beckons you to come and join this community. Dig deeply in the sense of personal evolvement as we grow with ethical strength into a beautiful and sacred well of knowledge, lore, and magic.

For the store:

and directly to the calendar of events:
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