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Posted by: Setorin 21st February 2016, 2:39 PM
Please get familiar with our rules & guidelines.

On the Fae Network, we strive to be an accepting, open community, safe for young and old alike. We do not tolerate cruelty or rudeness in any of their forms, and posts may be edited or deleted where deemed necessary. Always use discretion before posting anything.

The Fae Network operates using general internet etiquette. If you do not understand anything on this list, PM a staff member for clarification before you post.

  • Use the search feature before posting. Always assume your question has been asked before. Use appropriate keywords to find what you're looking for. If you cannot find anything, then you may post.
  • Read each sub-forum and post in the appropriate place. Off-topic posts will be moved by a moderator, but please respect our staff by finding the correct sub-forum to begin with. Make sure you read any stickied posts to make sure you're following any specific posting rules for that sub-forum.
  • Use the help feature before asking questions. The help files are written specifically for our forum software and should help you with most questions about using the site. The link to the help files can be found on the navigation bar, below the site banner.
  • Title your threads appropriately and descriptively. Titles like "Help me!" or "Look what I found!" are not helpful and may be ignored. Give your thread a descriptive title (e.g. "New documentary on folklore") and it will be more likely to be read.
  • Use quotes when context is needed. When replying to previous posts, use quotes to keep context and prevent confusion. You do not need to quote a post when it is the post above yours, or if it is obvious who you are responding to. Please use discretion when quoting images.

Please refrain from using profanities or slurs on the forum. You may speak freely member-to-member using PMs, but when posting in threads always keep in mind that this site can be accessed by anyone. A forum of this genre is likely to be visited by children, and we don't want to set a bad precedent.

Our top priority on the Fae Network is courtesy and respect. In any community, there will be disagreements; no one expects you to get along with everyone, but you are expected to be civil. Racism, sexism, flaming, trolling, etc are not tolerated here and are dealt with strongly. If you find yourself in disagreement with another member, step away from the situation before it gets heated and you both receive warnings. If you have a serious issue with another member that you cannot ignore or resolve between yourselves, please notify an admin.

We have a 5-tier warning system here. If you break our site rules repeatedly, you may be banned temporarily. Continue, and you will be banned permanently. If you find a post unacceptable, notify an admin by clicking the "report" button at the top of the post. Warnings and bans are always at the discretion of the staff, and if you feel you have been warned unfairly, always take it up with an admin.

When posting, linking, or using images, please always give credit where credit is due. Provide a link to the artist's page where appropriate. Never claim some one else's image as your own, and always respect the sharing-preferences of the artist. Some artists prohibit hot-linking or file sharing, so always read up on copyright where possible.

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