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Craft, sewing (though I'm an ametuer), swimming, mermaids, mermaiding, fairy tales, fae, shopping, laughing, fangirling.
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12th November 2015, 4:23 PM

A winged faun

Chestnut brown hair, mossy green eyes, wears a autumnal flower garland around her head, and a large mossy green cloak. Has dragonfly-like wings, hooves, and small deer antlers atop her head.

Introverted, shy, paranoid, prefers not to make contact with others who are not the same species, unless they run into her.

As she was born as a child of both faerie and faun, she was not truly accepted by either race. She is an outcast, living alone in the forest.

These are the bare basics of my faesona, I'm still working out the finer details.
3rd May 2015, 6:43 AM
So, I have been given a assignment to make recycled wearable art. Naturally, of course, I am doing a faerie costume, with an old singlet with nuts and bolts sewn on, a plastic bag skirt with a thin belt made of nuts and bolts around my hips, with more strands of nuts and bolts hanging off it, a corset style belt made out of nuts and bolts around my waist, and cellophane wings with strands of nuts and bolts hanging off them. I will also have three bracelets and a necklace made of hex nuts. So far, I have made the skirt, sewn the bolts onto the top, and made the jeweler. What do you think?
28th April 2015, 11:36 PM
I was trying to upload a picture to the gallery, but it said that "the user group I belong to does not have permission to upload a file in this location." ??
26th April 2015, 12:40 AM
I'm just wondering, but are there any moderators? There doesn't seem to be any. Will there be some in the future?
25th April 2015, 9:39 PM
So, I have recently just created Commercial Mermaid Tails Wiki. I intended it to be a resource for finding tailmakers and information about them, like mermaid before it was acquired by Fin Fun. Since I only started it today, all it has is a Fin Fun page with one sentence on it, it's still in the works. So, if any of you could help edit the wiki, that would be completely amazing, because it's a lot for one person! I hope to have at least five tailmaker and mermaid monofin pages done in the next week or two, so any people wo can create and edit articles would be greatly appreciated!
If you would like to be an admin of the wiki, please PM me. I also posted this on mernetwork, but also though to post here, sorry if i'm being annoying!
Thank you so much!
Commercial Mermaid Tails Wiki
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