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 Isis Wings and how to use them
 Posted: 5th March 2015, 10:37 PM
Fairy Metamorph
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West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

Hey guys, do any of you have any experience with using isis wings?

I think they look pretty cool, and dance routines with them can be amazing.

I have seen some of the mermaids use them underwater, but I'm curious about how exposure to water, salt, and chlorine affects the material over time, or whether you need to treat them or clean them properly.

Also, while I have taken some belly dancing lessons where veils were used, I have no idea if isis wings enable or require particular moves to look their best.

Also, where is the best place to get quality isis wings? Is it better to make your own (and if so, how)?

Are there things to look for, indications of poor or high quality craftsmanship?

Methods of safely storing them?

Any advice would be appreciated.
 Posted: 30th April 2015, 9:45 AM
Nursery Rhyme
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I have several wings back from my dancing time, and while I admit they look fantastic underwater, I wouldn't take them into a chlorinated pool.
Chlorine kills anything given enough time, and sheer, shiny fabric doesn't hold up well.
I used mine in lakes.
If you absolutely want something to take into water, I recommend making your own from swimwear fabric.

Otherwise, I found decent wings on Ebay (amazon sells carp as far as I could see).
Quality wings possess a neckholder, ready-to-use batons inside, and a decent storage/transport case.
Low-quality products are imports from China or Hongkong and lack those.

Isis wings need different movements than normal bellydance veils to shine, but you can easily look those up on a variety of videos on youtube.
 Posted: 14th May 2015, 3:08 AM
Forgotten Fairytale
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I went googling Isis wings (because I had no idea what they were... *shame*) and I came across this Etsy shop that sells LED lit Isis wings. LunarWear is the shop name. Here's a link to some gorgeous ones....

And these PHEONIX WINGS (seriously how is that not awesome?)

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