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3rd November 2016, 1:06 PM
Woohoo! I am purchasing a set of digitigrade fursuit legs that I am going to use for my satyr faesona. But I don't really know where to go from there in terms of character development. I am agender and I don't really want to show off the boobs I have but I also want to be approachable at renfairs and other events. How do I go about designing accessories and a top that are gender neutral but not against the fae traditions?
15th August 2016, 11:48 AM
Hey'all! I am the Afanc, a Welsh lake monster stopping by to say hi. I found out about this forum from some folks on mernetwork so I figured I'd drop by. I hope to someday start an entertainment business where I can do freelance mascotting (fursuiting), mermaid parties and events and maybe now even add some fae into my lineup.

I am an agender, andro-demisexual, panromantic, polyamerous otherkin and my preferred pronoun is 'it'. I am a photographer, cosplayer, costumer, furry, merfolk, fight choreographer, athelete, musician, SCAdian, crafter, writer and like a billion other things I usually forget about until it's not important. I love to chat so shoot me a message or post here. I might look big and scary but I don't bite and I love to cuddle <3
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