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Viewing active topics and new posts
    You can view a list of the most recent posts on the board by clicking on the 'Active Topics' link found at the top of the board. You can set your own date criteria, choosing to view all topics posted in up to a month ago. The results are ordered by most recent post.

    The 'View New Posts' link, also at the top of each page, will show you a list of topics which have unread replies since the last time you visited the board (the results are ordered by the creation of the topic, not the latest post). Once you have used this search, all posts are automatically marked as read and will not show up next time you use the feature. Additionally, if you close your browser and re-open it without searching for new posts, the site will only show you posts made between when you last closed and opened the board. Therefore, when using the 'View New Posts' link, you must open and read any topics you want to view.

    For this reason, it is recommended you use the 'Active Topics' link, or a combination of both, to make sure you don't miss posts on the board. Alternatively, you can subscribe to certain topics and opt to receive an email whenever they have new posts.