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 Rules For Review Forum
 Posted: 21st February 2016, 2:36 PM
the feathered fae
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Review Rules
Keep These Rules in Mind when Creating Your Review

1. Cite the shop.

Please include the shop's name and website or Facebook in your review. If the shopkeeper uses other forms of social media specifically for their shop you may include these as well.

2. Do not post a review until after you have received your product, and used it at least once.

Otherwise, we can not consider it a real review. If you wish to complain about poor customer service, delayed arrival time, etc. before receiving your product, please do so in a forum.

3. You must provide proof of purchase.

You may do this in the form of a picture or a video that includes either your FaeNetwork username or the name 'FaeNetwork'

4. Be respectful and objective.

If you have anything negative to say, please refrain from personal attacks on the shopkeeper.

5. Share useful information.

Discuss the item's color, texture, weight, quality and shipping condition. You also may wish to describe the shopkeeper's customer service and delivery time. Describe how it held up during performances, meetups, and photoshoots. Include anything that would help other potential buyers decide on the product.

6. Be truthful to the best of your ability.

Deliberately false or misleading information in reviews will not be tolerated and can be subject to deletion.

Subject to change. Please craft your review by using the Review Template. Please remember that all new topics in this forum are moderated. Any new topic that breaks these guidelines will be subject to removal or compromise. Please use discretion when posting in this forum.

Your friendly neighborhood faerie

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