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19th September 2017, 11:12 AM
Did anyone else see that Faerie Magazine now has its own online website separate from the magazine's normal online store?

It is full of all kinds of fun content you usually find inside the magazine itself so I thought I might share it here for anyone who doesn't have a subscription to either the magazine or the newsletter.
27th July 2017, 9:54 AM
I'm curious if anyone else is interested in The Dark Crystal prequel series that Netflix is currently working on with the Jim Hensen studio? As a child I absolutlely loved that movie. Between Jim Hensen's amazing Puppets and the artistic work of Brian and Wendy Froud it was just the right mix of dark/creepy and fantasy. Somewhere I even think there is a video of me dressed up in one of my fairy costumes when I was a little girl standing infront of our old Tube television watching the VHS forwards and then hitting rewind immediately when it ended and watching it backwards. Rinse and repeat for hours on the weekend. granted I was about 4 so forgive me the damage to the tape itself.
30th March 2017, 9:35 AM
So I am excited to announce that while I have been doing events for a few years now I have never done a paid gig as a fairy, but as I am in the process of getting my business license and such I actually have my first paid event as a fairy coming up. We have a local store around here in our harbor for independent makers and such and they also do a lot of work with a charity that raises money to help homeless pets and for Mother's Day weekend they are bringing in my Green Fairy and filling the entire store with giant flowers to create a fairy grove for photos to raise money for the charity. I am pretty excited.
23rd March 2017, 11:38 AM
Hello dear faeries!

I know we have been quiet for some time now here in the update section, but have no fear the admin team is hard at work behind the scenes churning out pixie dust and looking for ways to improve our little community here. Because of that, we have been considering submitting ads to either FAE Magazine, a Karen Kay Publication, and/or Faerie Magazine to get the word about the site out there to other Fae enthusiasts who may not know we are here.

On that note, while we have a design in mind and are working on it, we thought we would put this out there for the rest of you to share your thoughts and feelings on the matter. That being said, what type of an add would attract your attention or inspire you to visit the forums and check us out if you were to come across it in a publication? Please share your thoughts and feelings below.
30th January 2017, 12:30 PM
I have been thinking about this for awhile and I thought I would share it with the rest of you. In our area we have a nice little community of fae/fae enthusiasts and we are very fond of holding picnics and tea parties, etc for our group often in public areas. We have even toyed around with the idea of advertising it as a free meet & greet.

The concept is called "Fae in the Park" where we all attend in costumes and we bring our instruments, bits & babbles, possibly set up some games for anyone who may stop by and we create a mini fairy area in a local park for a day and let people know that they can come meet some fairies for an afternoon of magic. My friend's and I have trialed this once and it was pretty fun. Not to mention a great way to introduce new people to the community and bring some magic to people's lives.

What do you folks think about this type of thing?
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