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 Fae Shop Rules
 Posted: 2nd March 2016, 12:30 PM
the feathered fae
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Fae Shop Rules
please read carefully before posting
Disclaimer: This is a forum for classifieds, we are not a shopping site. Fae Network is in no way responsible for the posts in this forum and the sales that may result. We take no responsibility for the description accuracy, condition of the item, any payment or non-payment issues, or any issues at all relating to the items or sales process that takes place here. That is the sole responsibility of the sellers and buyers. If you're concerned about buying something over the net, use a payment service that has protection built in, such as PayPal.

This is a place where fae items can be sold and exchanged. Please keep it to fae-related items ONLY. Any other item listings will be removed.

You must provide proof of product in the thread. This can be in the form of a picture or a link to an outside listing.

Note to Sellers: once the item has sold please contact an administrator immediately so we can close the threaded prevent any new offers or inquiries.

Posts selling batches of items are allowed However, it is the seller’s responsibility to make it explicitly clear when a certain item has been sold as to prevent confusion and further inquiries. If your thread becomes too unorganized and confusing for possible buyers, an administrator can close the thread.

You may promote your Etsy shop, however you may only create one thread for your shop and continue to update the thread accordingly with new products and listings. If you create multiple threads promoting your Easy shop, an administrator may be able to merge or close the threads.

You may post Crowdfunding threads here, but please only limit one thread per member.

Please do not post any threads asking for votes in a contest. If you would like to promote yourself in a contest, pleas do so in the ‘Blather and Babble’ section.

Your friendly neighborhood faerie

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