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Merfae Dan


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18th April 2015, 8:48 AM
Is anyone else attending FaerieCon this November?

22nd February 2015, 4:33 PM
WATER you up to?

For maximum confusion, I have chosen the moniker of Scrimshaw, though you may also know me as Merman Dan. Yes, another male faerie to contend with. Perhaps merfairy would be a better term... the best of both worlds... But I suppose the name fits. I am decorated with skin illustrations, while scrimshaw is the art of carving designs into teeth, bones, and tusks.

While Finfolk helped bring the vision of my current tail to fruition (and they will be working on my next one soon!) Fancy Fairy helped with my wings. I discovered that Faun, a German folk/Pagan band that I enjoy, was playing at FaerieCon East so I decided to look the part. I told her that I wanted purple sea fan wings and she took care of the rest! I had designed wings like that for a D&D beastie of my own design, many years ago and I wanted to see how they looked to my own eyes. Now I'm a merfairy.

As for my tattoos... my scrimshaw... well, I'm only getting started!
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