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18th April 2017, 3:35 PM
I would like to see just how many different types of fae we have on the site
You can reply to this post with the names and a quick description of each of your faesonas to be added to the cumulative list below! You may link photos of your faesona as well.
If you don't see a category that your persona can fit in below, don't worry! It will be added.


Saelyyia - The Fairy of the Green Forest, featured in my profile picture
by Saelyyia


Fauns and Satyrs

Golden Fawn - She doesn't have an official name yet, but she is a fawn with cream colored fur and is adorned with all different types of gold floral and carries a wooden staff. She represents the coming of Autumn.
by Ashe




Ashe - This isn't quite a faesona, but more of an extension of myself, hence why I use my own name. I have pictures of my tail in this album.
by Ashe

Saelyyia - I use this name for both of my main mer/faesona's
by Saelyyia


Allyria - The sampled unicorn forest-spirit faesona that I debuted last year at LOJ
by Saelyyia

Setorin - This is my main faesona, an adventurous harpy who seeks a life beyond the monster realm. You can find her full story here.
by Ashe
27th September 2016, 4:02 PM
I've made a few friends who are Wiccan and also study up a little bit on modern day magick and energy healing. They were telling me that they are often influenced and inspired by fae in their practices as they feel a deep connection to nature and their emotions. Above all, studying the practice helps them to feel enlightened and in touch with their inner self.

Originally I had started working on this site as a means of creating a costuming site, but now I wonder if others are into witch practices as well? Is your fae side rooted deeper than costuming and renaissance faires?

Open for discussion!
8th July 2016, 10:48 AM
I am always so amazed by the artistry of makeup, especially in the fae world. Here's a few of my favorite tutorials for everyone to enjoy

If you have a favorite makeup tutorial (or one of your own) just pop the YouTube link into the reply box and I can add it to this list if you would like

Clickable links are shown above each gif preview.

Rainbow Forest Spirit by NsomniaksDream

Faun Makeup Tutorial by NsomniaksDream

Fairy Makeup by Charisma Star

2nd June 2016, 5:50 PM

Summer is nearly upon us and as the seasons change, so do we!

Do you see that big banner on top of the site? Well we think that it's time to add a little bit of magic to it! Would you like help us out?

We are looking for a few very nice photos of our dear fae friends to showcase in a slideshow banner where everyone who visits the site can see! Do you think that should be you? Here are a couple of guidelines that might help your chances of being chosen: Must depict you or a group in fae costume Must be over 900px wide by 400px tall Must not be grainy or very blurry Preferably in an outside or fae-appropriate setting Must be child friendly Must be your own image (if there are other people in the image, you must have their permission)


How many images will be chosen?
There is no exact estimate, but most likely no more than five.

Will every image submitted be chosen?
Unfortunately, no, but that is what makes it a contest! We know there are so many lovely fae out there, but there is limited space in our header.

Can more than one of my images be chosen?
If the staff really loves your pictures, yes. However, no more than two images per person will be chosen.

When will the contest end?
The contest does not have a set deadline, but it will expend no more than three weeks from today. However, if you would like to submit, please do so ASAP! To enter

Private Message or
Setorin with up to five submissions in image format, and specify that these are for the banner contest.

Good luck everyone! We hope to see some beautiful fae on our site soon If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply below.

Setorin - Administrator
Saelyyia - Moderator
30th May 2016, 5:54 PM
What are your best and/or worst experiences at faires, conventions and meetups?

I think that one of my most treasured experiences what the very first time I went to a renaissance faire back when I was six or so. I fell completely in love with how magical and real everything was, and I think that was what sparked my love for the fantasy world. I'll always remember being given a swan-shaped hairpiece by a beautiful fairy that I still have today, it was mind-blowing for a girl my age.

However last year, I was in a Madoka Magica cosplay group with a couple of friends and went to my first geeky convention, ALA. We got there and were instantly asked for pictures - something I was not expecting! We posed a bit and more people began to take pictures. I think it was about twenty minutes that we were there posing and I truly loved every second of it. I think it was the fun and excitement of that which made me really love and appreciate costume-making.

Now the most recent faire that I went to was a little interesting. It was the very first renaissance faire that was held in my hometown (which was quite a marvel considering that our town is so small). I prepped all week and created a brand new faun costume with horns and flowers, but when I woke up that morning, it was pouring rain! Unfortunately it rained all day, but that didn't stop me or Saelyyia. We were able to meet in person for the first time which was so much fun. We took a lot of pictures near the water and were able to meet a lot of lovely fae and renaissance folk.

What favorite experiences do you have to share?
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