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10th April 2015, 5:51 AM
Hello everyone!

I'm Shymer from the mernetwork. I'm looking forward to chatting about fairy things<3

I had fairy wings long before I learned about mermaiding. I made them all myself.
I started out with the clotheshanger and hose method, using ribbon to stop them on to my back. I quickly moved on to spools of wire and organza, but the fabric was too loose of a weave and didn't paint well.
I found an artist named Renae Taylor who makes wings from paper. Here's her etsy-

I've since made paper wings inspired by her method. I like the u shape wires to hold it to your back instead of the backpack ribbon style. I also like the freedom of movement that the u shape gives.
Paper can be pretty sturdy (though heavy sometimes!)and paints well.

My biggest set is inspired by the Luna moth. It has a six foot or so wingspan, which makes it impossible to wear most times

I've been uninspired for the last couple years. I hoped to sell wings (mostly so I could make more without having to store them in my apartment), but I am unsure about the process just yet. I don't want to sell them until I know my method is solid.
I do have a pinterest board with lots of butterfly and moth wings for ideas though. Maybe you all will inspire me to get back into it <3

Photos when I get the chance! I'm technically at work, so...
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16th July 2015, 5:03 AM

Faerie Mermaid ...
Hey, Willow, welcome to FaeNetwork!

Would you share more details of your method for paper wings (unless you prefer to keep it a trade secret)? I admire Renae Taylor's wings, too, and have been wondering just what she does with paper.
16th July 2015, 5:03 AM
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