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Posted by: Ebeneezer Grumpypants 2nd October 2017, 7:07 PM
Hello all, Ebeneezer Grumpypants, the Bogle of Briarwood, the Goblin of Willy Nilly and sometimes Troll here.

I am a professional entertainer at renaissance faires and festivals. I tell stories, talk about Fae lore and let people know the best way to make pixie sticks. (a fly swatter to start).

I have a Book O'Faces page and I also run a group called the Facebook Fae of the Americas.

I'm always looking to expand my area of performing from the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana area.


Posted by: Saelyyia 3rd October 2017, 8:43 AM
Welcome to the forums Ebeneezer Grumpypants. It is wonderful to have on or your kind here among us. I hope we attract more bogles, goblins, trolls, harpies, and more in the near future. And I look foward to learning more about you and your journey as you share your tales and adventures with us.

I am also very interested in this Fae of the Americas group on the Book O' Faces. Would you perhaps share with us more about that?

Posted by: Ebeneezer Grumpypants 22nd October 2017, 6:44 PM
The FBFoA group is a networking group for rennies, shop owners, photographers and the like to keep in touch and to let others know when something Fae related is going on.

It's not a big group and I keep it as drama and spam free as I can.

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