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 Posted: 24th October 2016, 9:31 AM
The Twilight Rose
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Good morning dearies. Just thought I'd pop up and see what you all are planning for Halloween since it is in just over a week from now. Any big plans? Costumes? I'll be taking my unicorn out for the evening for a party at a friend's house. It is a suprise for them since they are a singer/song writer for a local band and one of their songs is called the "Unicorn Song" and it is a bit of a joke among everyone. And I'm very excited to show off the new staff I bought recently at FaerieFest to go along with it to keep my hooves under me on uneven ground. Its a grey toned white with a very large quartz at the top and it glows, both plain white (which will match my faesona) and in a color changing rainbow.

What about you folks? Anything fun going on? Any fae tricks to be had?

~~~ Sometimes Life Just Needs a Bit of Magic ~~~

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